Making your drum sound the very best it can involves more than just adjusting head tension to a note pitch. Resotune uses unique “Clear Mode” technology to fine match each lug tension to each other, at any pitch after you have finished voicing. “Clearing” provides an extra degree of tonal purity.

RESOTUNE measures each lug’s clear quality, one at a time and shows you how to adjust each lug to be exactly the same as the others for the purest possible drum sound.

RESOTUNE reads and displays the lowest two resonant notes to assist when drum voicing to note targets. The extra “CLEAR LUG” step is the RESOTUNE difference that opens up your drum’s sound by measuring how each individual lug affects the complete head’s vibration. new_splash

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NOTHING ELSE works this well  Don Boomer

“The holy grail of drum tuners”  Les Ismore

“Awesome”   Lee Patzius

“Just Amazing Stephane Prevost

“Quality Craftsmanship  Steve Fischer

“tuned better than they’ve been in years”   Gary K Hebert

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