The only drum tuner that “clears” drumheads

If drums only sounded one note when struck, tuning them would be as easy as adjusting the lugs at that single note, but drums are not that simple or easy. You can get the lugs close enough to each other at one resonance to satisfy a “note sniffer” but the higher resonances can still be out of tune with each other. When all of higher overtones are also in tune we get a “clear sound”. Hard to describe but easy to recognize when you hear it.

Only RESOTUNE provides a separate “clear” function we use after the lugs are already adjusted to the desired lug resonance note (when typical drum tuners are already finished).  This unique “Clear” function sets up a standing wave in the drum head and fine matches the lug tensions to each other using a completely different measurement we call “clear quality”. When every lug is tweaked to measure the same clear quality, the drum will deliver a more pure, “clear” tone.

In addition to this powerful clear function, RESOTUNE reads and displays both the fundamental note and the lug resonance note (like cheaper tuners do) to use for precision, repeatable drum kit voicing. After you voice your drum kit, “clear” it for best possible sound quality.


 “Just Amazing”  Stephane Prevost (customer)

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 “The holy grail of drum tuners”  Les Ismore (customer) 

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NOTHING ELSE works this well”  Don Boomer (customer)

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