Getting the best possible tone from your drum kit can be frustrating because drums don’t follow the same rules as typical musical instruments that only play one note at a time. After you get your drums adjusted to the desired lug note pitch, you are only part way there. Only RESOTUNE provides the final step to measure the clear quality of each lug and shows how to fine adjust each lug to match the others. After the lugs are cleared to each other your drum sound will open up and sound as clear as it possibly can.

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 “NOTHING ELSE works this well”  Don Boomer (customer)

 “The holy grail of drum tuners”  Les Ismore (customer)

 “Just Amazing”  Stephane Prevost (customer)

Awesome”     Lee Patzius (customer)

“Quality Craftsmanship  Steve Fischer (customer)

Other conventional drum tuners can accomplish getting you in the ball park, but only RESOTUNE tunes the entire drum.

RESOTUNE reads and displays both the lowest fundamental and next higher lug resonance note for precision voicing. Lug note displayed in green, fundamental note in red on the top note display.

After voicing RESOTUNE reads and displays the clear quality of each lug for precise lug matching. The Clear display (lower middle of faceplate) actually shows which direction to turn each lug to match the others.


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