Finish tuning your drums with RESOTUNE

Tuning your drum kit is not finished after you adjust head pitch. Only RESOTUNE measures the “clear quality” (different than pitch) of each lug and shows you how to adjust each lug to match the rest.

When your lugs are “cleared” to perfectly match each other, your drum will make  the purest tone possible.

In addition to this unique “Clear” function RESOTUNE reads and displays both the fundamental note and the lug resonance note to help deliver precision drum kit voicing.


 “Just Amazing”  Stephane Prevost (customer)

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 “The holy grail of drum tuners”  Les Ismore (customer) 

Awesome”     Lee Patzius (customer)

“Quality Craftsmanship  Steve Fischer (customer)

NOTHING ELSE works this well”  Don Boomer (customer)

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