RESOTUNE Clears Drums

Click on excerpts to read full actual customer quotes “NOTHING ELSE works this well”  Don Boomer (customer)

Only RESOTUNE II ™ uses patented** clear quality technology to precisely clear your drumheads, after they have already been tuned to desired resonant notes. 


“The holy grail of drum tuners”  Les Ismore (customer)

  • RESOTUNE excites the drum with sound and displays both the fundamental note and the first overtone (lug resonance) note that returns from the vibrating drumhead for very precise voicing. 

“Just Amazing  Stephane Prevost (customer)


Awesome”     Lee Patzius (customer)

  • RESOTUNE establishes a standing wave in the drumhead and accurately measures the clear quality of each lug for optimal lug matching (this is the RESOTUNE magic). 

“Quality Craftsmanship  Steve Fischer (customer)

To see more info about how RESOTUNE works click on RESOTUNE  link. To read general information  about how drums vibrate visit About Drums  link. To purchase your own RESOTUNE click on How to Buy RESOTUNE

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**Protected by US Patent # 6,925,880


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