Kam a customer with recording interests recently shared before and after tuning with RESOTUNE sound samples.

key :  c = hit on centre (fundamental),  r= hit around the ring (overtones)
 “before tuning”      c-c-r-r-c-r-r-.
“after tuning”     c-c-r-r-r-r-c-c-r-r-r-r

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i have this really old, crappy, rusty floor tom that i bought from ebay, for $15 years ago. i bought it to bang it around, beat it with metal, sand, glass etc to sample different tom sounds etc for sound_design works.. anyhow,  i thought it would be great to test Resotune II on this old crappy tom… it always sounded horrible btw. i have really good drummer friends, and they gave_up on tuning it ,
;D ;D ;D

after spending couple of hours, i managed to tune this tom to C# via TUNE LUG. which was the  possible lowest note for this tom… tuners wee almost loose at this point… rusty lose tuners doesnt help much. but after some struggle, i managed it…

started to beat it… WTH! DAMN,  :o :o :o :o :o
tom sounding fantastic now :) this floor tom never sounded this good… not even remotely close to this tone ever, never…. harmonics are so even, its almost a singing tom now. beating is a joy to this tom.. i was expecting some good results, but not this good!
Resotune II ROCKS :)


Les Ismore (no picture and probably not his real name)

“I can officially certify that RESOTUNE II is The holy grail of drum tuners. This is an absolutely ‘essential’ piece of gear for me now….”

“RESOTUNE literally measures the clear quality of the entire system working together as it does when played, so ignores or factors in, sundry mechanical errors.”

more from Les Ismore posted here 

image1  Don Boomer

I’ve been using the Resotune for a couple of years now. NOTHING ELSE works this well (or in this manner). For all those “use your ears” guys, sorry, this kicks your ass. No ones ears are anywhere close to the precision you can get time after time. With your ears (or a Tunebot et all) you still have to hit the drum exactly in the same place with the exact same force. That’s simply not possible. The Resotune generates a tone that creates a standing wave on the head so that tone is identical in a given diameter to whatever the consistency of the head is.

If you get a chance to try one in person you’ll see in seconds as you perform the “clear lug” function that the drum immediately begins to “sing” as you twist the tension rod into the correct spot on the meter.


Lee Patzius was a customer of first generation RESOTUNE and now uses RESOTUNE II


Although drum tuning is very often described as a feel type of approach mine was I always been a more scientific one. Using keyboard drum dial and bass tuner and of course the final feel touch… I had ok results. And then Resotune II came along and made my drum tuning much more easier and better. This very scientific approach brought so much feel to my drums perfect pitch perfect sustain perfect depth my DW never sounded that good. 6 toms tuned to their shells note and in perfect harmony with eachothers. Great job guys I needed that and I know a lot of drummers outhere that need it as well.Stephane Prevost from Quebec Canada

Resotune on a tympani    IMG_0107

The Resotune has helped with many of our lab experiments, like converting drum head tensions to pitch, where precision frequencies are paramount in keeping our measurements and data on track. Other drum frequency tuners we tried were just standard “note sniffers” that couldn’t deliver the accuracy we required. John Roberts has been making the Resotune in the USA for many years and has a well deserved reputation for quality craftsmanship and customer care.

Steve Fischer
DrumDial Inc.

(no picture)

I got the old Ludwigs tuned better than they’ve been in years. Thank You….   Gary K Hebert, Shrewsbury, Ma

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