Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications

specifications subject to change  last update 4/2014 (rev level)

Tuning Range:  Lowest Note:     C#  -0   17.3 Hz
                         Highest Note:     C   -4  261.6 Hz

Tuning System :     Equal Temperament

Step Resolution :    25 cents (1/4th note)

Time base :              7 Mhz internal time base

Power Source:       4x  Standard AA batteries

Dimensions          2” H x 5” W x 11.5” L
                                        5 CM H x11 CM W x 29 CM L

Weight:                  2 LBS 3 oz  (shipping weight 3 LBS)
99 KG

Code Rev. level: F (green 75 cent LED illuminated at start up)

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All specifications subject to change.

* While the generator frequency is extremely precise, note tuning accuracy is slightly influenced by acoustic damping from proximity of RESOTUNE to the drum head being measured. This appears as a error less than the tuner resolution with standard spacing above the drum head. This acoustic coupling between RESOTUNE and drumhead is important for the lug clearing function.

Protected by US Patent # 6,925,880

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