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I’ve been using the Resotune for a couple of years now. NOTHING ELSE works this well. For all those “use your ears” guys, sorry, this kicks your ass. No one’s ears are anywhere close to the precision you can get time after time”. (actual  RESOTUNE user endorsement click to read more)

Release the full potential of your drums. The best digital note sniffers can only measure one resonance at a time for fine adjustment. Only RESOTUNE uses a different technology that fine matches the lugs to each other, to finish tuning your drums and release their full potential.

Even a perfectly tuned drum makes multiple notes at the same time when struck. The lowest fundamental (thud sound), lug note, and sundry higher overtones occur at non-musical intervals above the fundamental (not simple harmonics like conventional musical instruments). This is completely normal for drums and what creates the characteristic drum sound we all love. In an ideal world these higher overtones are all in perfect agreement, but life and drums are more complicated than that. Even if the fundamental pitch, and lug note pitches register complete agreement for each lug, the higher overtones can still differ.

When these higher overtones are even slightly different, they create beat notes against each other and generate a cluttered dissonant sound. Alternately when the lugs are in perfect agreement for all the upper overtones too, we hear a pure, “clear” drum tone. The non-musical overtone notes are still present but instead of numerous closely spaced overtones interfering with each other, we get just one series of overtone pitches.   This open “clear” sound quality is hard to describe but easy to recognize when you hear it.

(see “About Drums” for technical discussion about overtones) .

RESOTUNE is clearly the best drum tuner thanks to this “clear” function that you use only after your lugs are already voiced to your desired  resonance note pitches (when typical drum tuners are finished).  This unique additional “Clear” operation sets up a standing wave in the drum head and fine matches the lug tensions with respect to each other, using a novel measurement technology we call “clear quality”. When every lug is fine adjusted to indicate the exact same clear quality, the drum will deliver its most pure, “clear” tone.

In addition to this unique clear function, RESOTUNE also reads and displays the fundamental note and the lug resonance notes (like basic tuners do) to facilitate precision, repeatable drum kit voicing. After you voice your drum kit, then “clear” it for the best possible sound quality.

To see more info about how RESOTUNE works click on RESOTUNE  link. To learn general information  about how drums behave visit About Drums  link.

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“Resotune II ROCKS :) Kambo (customer)

The holy grail of drum tuners”  Les Ismore (customer) 

“Quality Craftsmanship  Steve Fischer (customer)

Awesome”     Lee Patzius (customer)

NOTHING ELSE works this well”  Don Boomer (customer)

Just Amazing”  Stephane Prevost (customer)

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