Technical Specifications


Technical Specifications

specifications subject to change  last update 5/2018 (OM update)

Tuning Range:  Lowest Note:     C#  -0   17.3 Hz
                         Highest Note:     C   -4  261.6 Hz

Tuning System :     Equal Temperament

Step Resolution :    25 cents (1/4th note)

Time base :              7 Mhz internal time base

Power Source:       4x  Standard AA batteries

Dimensions          2” H x 5” W x 11.5” L
                                        5 CM H x11 CM W x 29 CM L

Weight:                  2 LBS 3 oz  (shipping weight 3 LBS)
99 KG

Code Rev. level: F (green 75 cent LED illuminated at start up). Older units can get software upgraded for $25 (includes domestic shipping back to customer and 4 new batteries. Ship prepaid to Circular Science-7489 Hwy 503 #297- Hickory, MS, 39332

RESO II software upgrade


Click to download Owners manual OM_RevF2_2018  

All specifications subject to change.

* While the generator frequency is extremely precise, note tuning accuracy is slightly influenced by acoustic damping from proximity of RESOTUNE to the drum head being measured. This appears as a error less than the tuner resolution with standard spacing above the drum head. This acoustic coupling between RESOTUNE and drumhead is important for the lug clearing function.